Jersey City Theater Center

Merseles Studio
335-337 Newark Ave.
Jersey City, NJ


The time is out of joint. It is bitter cold. Rank corruption festers at the center of power, indulging in excess while war looms on the horizon. Denmark is a prison, and for Hamlet there is no way out but through murder, suicide, or madness.

Directed by Javier Antonio González

“Astonishing talent”

–Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

  • Set by Jian Jung
  • Costumes by Cristina Fitch
  • Lighting by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
  • Sound Design by Mark Van Hare

With Anne Gridley as Hamlet.

“An Imogene Coca-like genius”

–Hilton Als, The New Yorker

Also featuring Michael Barringer, Brooke Bell, Laure Butler Rivera, Jon Froehlich, Jorge Luna, Tania Molina, Pedro Leopoldo Sanchez Tormes, Veraalba Santa, and David Skeist.


The Entitlement

In Post-production

Thank you to everyone who has supported our first film. Shooting is officially wrapped!


San Juan, PR

"But this Zoetrope was, in many ways, a study in disillusion. The performers moved like dancers and the entire event contained the grace of a poem."
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly


Caborca & Friends @Home

Summer 2017

Two canonical plays performed in neighboring Brooklyn apartments. Jean-Paul Sartre’s NO EXIT (1944) will be directed by Brooke Bell, and Ferdinand Bruckner’s RACE (1933) will be directed by Michael Barringer.