"In the current socio-political climate,
he said to himself, committing suicide
is absurd and redundant. Better to become
an undercover poet."

September 14th - October 1st

Abrons Arts Center

466 Grand St,
New York, NY

Distant Star

Distant Star is about many things: accountability and guilt, the totalitarian state, poetry and art. It is a play that bears witness to the unspeakable past without presuming to make sense of it; rendering it inextricable from our understanding of the present.

The year is 1973. In Chile, a group of young poets meet to write, argue, critique and flirt. Days later, the government collapses and the president is shot. Amidst the brutality, one poet rises to fame as a skywriting daredevil—and, possibly, as a killer. The work weaves the author’s memories of life (and death) under Pinochet’s American-backed dictatorship into a perverse, seductive noir of urgent political necessity.

Written by Javier Antonio González
Co-conceived and directed by Shira Milikowsky
Based on the Novel by Roberto Bolaño

  • Set by Jian Jung
  • Lighting and Projections by Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew
  • Costumes by Sarah Cubbage
  • Sound by Bozkurt “Bozzy” Karasu
  • Produced by Madeleine Bersin
  • Stage Management by Sarah Devon Ford and Rachel Winfield
  • Dramaturgy by Kyoung Park

Featuring: Laura Butler Rivera, Yaremis Félix, Anne Gridley, Jon Froehlich, Tania Molina, Luis Moreno and David Skeist.


The Entitlement

In Post-production

Upon arriving at an idyllic retreat for the terminally suicidal, a troubled young woman finds herself investigating a mysterious death away from the watchful eye of the enigmatic doctor and his wife.

Hamlet / Zoetrope

In Repertory

"But this Zoetrope was, in many ways, a study in disillusion. The performers moved like dancers and the entire event contained the grace of a poem."
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly


Secret Project Lobster Cowboy Lady

May 2018

Direction and design by Brooke Bell

A dead crow, a kidnapped cowboy and a lobsterman are stuck in a border town motel room, or is it the Chelsea hotel? Reality and identities shift and flow as these three play out a dream deferred. Who will be our rock n'roll savior? Who cares? Just play, okay? Enjoy the hot licks of this surreal beast of a show with Caborca' s first Apartment Play, written by two icons of twentieth century counter culture.

Admission is by invitation only. Inquiries on how to be invited can be sent to info@caborca.org