Indie Street Film Festival

July 27

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Upon arriving at an idyllic retreat for the terminally suicidal, a young woman finds herself investigating a mysterious death away from the watchful eye of the enigmatic doctor and his wife.

We could not be more proud to announce that THE ENTITLEMENT has won the award for BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY at the Manhattan Film Festival, as well as the award for BEST CRIME DRAMA. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this work artistically, financially, and in-kind.

  • Written and Directed by Javier Antonio González
  • Produced by David Skeist
  • Edited by Josh Melrod
  • Cinematography by Marcos Toledo and Michael Barringer
  • Featuring: Anne Gridley, David Skeist, Laura Butler Rivera, Javier Antonio González, Timothy French, Veraalba Santa, Michael Barringer, Courtney King, James Paulsaint, Brooke Bell, Ken Von der Heyden, Arnolda Noir and Tania Molina.


Hamlet / Zoetrope

In Repertory

"But this Zoetrope was, in many ways, a study in disillusion. The performers moved like dancers and the entire event contained the grace of a poem."
-Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly


Secret Project Lobster Cowboy Lady

June 15-17, 2018

Direction and design by Brooke Bell

A dead crow, a kidnapped cowboy and a lobsterman are stuck in a border town motel room, or is it the Chelsea hotel? Reality and identities shift and flow as these three play out a dream deferred. Who will be our rock n'roll savior? Who cares? Just play, okay? Enjoy the hot licks of this surreal beast of a show with Caborca' s first Apartment Play, written by two icons of twentieth century counter culture.

Inquiries on how to be invited can be sent to