In Repertory

The year is 1973. In Chile, a group of young poets meet to write, argue, critique and flirt. Days later, the government collapses and the president is shot. Amidst the brutality, one poet rises to fame as a skywriting daredevil—and, possibly, as a killer.

Distant Star (2017)

The time is out of joint. It is bitter cold. Rank corruption festers at the center of power, indulging in excess while war looms on the horizon. Denmark is a prison, and for Hamlet there is no way out but through murder, suicide, or madness.


The story of an underdog military postal officer, his ex-wife, her sister,
his lover, her friend, his son, the playwright René Marqués, and el Grito de Lares.
With live video and movement.



A contemporary recreation of the ancient Greek stories of Antigone and her siblings.

Western (2016)

In the decades between the demise of the gods and the rise of Jesus,
Hadrian emerged as Rome's most idealistic and philosophical emperor.
He loved poetry, theatre and all things Greek. He was also gay. Open up, Hadrian reimagines the life of this highly successful but deeply frustrated man.

Open up, Hadrian (2012)

A devised work about travel and cities at night.
Through personal accounts, the work explores solitude, strangeness
and our ingrained notions of progress.

El correo de la noche (2012)

From the people who brought you the Spanish Inquisition and the conquest of America comes a romantic comedy about a man who plots the murder of his wife by blodletting
for her alleged infidelity.

El médico de su honra (2011)

A delightfully perverse family portrait of the sons and daughters of the Puerto Rican left. Set in a distopian version of today’s Puerto Rico, the play unfolds in the Del Valle household, where for the last ten years father has been missing, mother hasn’t been outside and Martí hasn’t spoken.

Las minutas de Martí (2010)

French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine were two deviants who wrote like angels. Pen Knife is the story of thier tempestuous affair and their destructible quest for artstic greatness.

Pen Knife (2010)

A darkly-comic nightmare about the invisible in America set in the border
crossings between the real and the imaginary, Harlem and Morningside Heights,
Mexico and New York.

Floridita, my Love (2010)

An absurd whodunit in the tradition of Eugene Ionesco and Joe Orton.
Barceloneta, de noche contains an endless stream of gleefuly mischevious revelations
interspersed with musical and choreographical interludes.

Barceloneta, de noche (2009)